20 May 2022


KARACHI (Gagan Damama) - After the Punjab Assembly passed a landmark bill to regulate marriages of the Sikh community residing in the province, members of the community have raised the issue of replicating the bill in Sindh.
    Pakistan Sikh Council Patron-in-Chief Ramesh Singh Khalsa, while appreciating the Punjab government for unanimously passing the bill, said that the Sikhs of Sindh have also drafted a bill – the Sindh Anand Karaj Bill, 2018 – which needs to be tabled in the assembly.
    According to him, the marriages of the Sikh and Jain communities are currently being registered under the Sindh Hindu Marriage Act, 2016, on which they have reservations.
    He said that Sikhism and Jainism are separate religions and need to have separate laws regulating their marriages. He said the communities need to have a separate law to regulate their marriages since they do not want themselves to be registered through the Hindu Law.
Punjab Sikh family law
to make history
“There are around 10,000 Sikhs residing in Sindh, of the total 25,000 in Pakistan,” Khasla maintained. He added that Sikhs have representation in the Punjab Assembly in the shape of MPA Ramesh Sindh Arora and hence the Punjab Sikhs Anand Karaj Marriages Act, 2017 was passed there but because there are...

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